Review: Mellow Mushroom

If you’ve been following us on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably figured out by now that Nick and I are on a tour of the south. Nick’s brother got married in Charleston, SC last weekend and we’ve been taking our time getting back to Iowa. (and missing two major snow storms – yes!)

We spent 2 days in Atlanta. Let me just say this: never again. Atlanta was NOT my favorite. We stayed downtown to be close to the Georgia Aquarium and the Coca-Cola museum. THOSE two places I’d go again. The rest of Atlanta? No, thanks. It’s NOT a good walking city, there really isn’t a ton to do, and it’s super easy to wander into a super sketchy neighborhood. That being said, we did hit up the Mellow Mushroom and it was AWESOME. Apparetnly they’re scattered all over the south, but we scored some eats after sampling way too many of the drinks that Coca-Cola makes.

Mellow Mushroom

We started with the bruschetta (w/o cheese, of course). It was super yummy. The tomatoes were super fresh, the bread was perfectly toasted and the balasamic was thick and flavorful. I could have eaten the whole plate on my own!

Mellow Mushroom

And the pizza…OMG. We ordered a Mega Veggie vegan-style (made with Daiya cheese and no butter-garlic brushed on the crust). Wowza. The crust was perfect. Crispy, chewy and just right. It was loaded with tons of toppings: broccoli, banana peppers, tomato, black olives, green peppers, artichoke hearts and mushrooms. The fresh tomato slice was a nice touch! I really liked that. Overall, I’d give this pizza a 9 out of 10. Why a 9? They were just a smidge too heavy-handed on the Daiya. Maybe it’s because Nick and I don’t even put cheese on our pizza anymore, but it was just a bit much. But oh, so yummy.

Mellow Mushroom

If you’re ever in the south, give Mellow Mushroom a go! They had lots of gluten free options, too!


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  1. Isn’t the crust amazing? I’m always excited to find myself in a city with a Mellow Mushroom. I’ve seen them as far west as Phoenix!

  2. I love Mellow Mushroom!!! And yes, love their bruschetta as well their veggie pizza. Actually they do have plenty of GOOD veggie options 🙂 Two thumbs up!

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