Sunday Sips: SweetWater IPA

Well its good to be back home, but I did sample a fair number of tasty beers while on our vacation. This week I’m bringing you the IPA by SweetWater Brewing out of Atlanta Georgia. I find it rather humorous that I sampled this while in Nashville instead of in Atlanta, but hey, you go with it.

Sweet water IPA

Unfortunately I didn’t have a glass to pour this in to see what the head would look like, but its all good. This one was packed full of hops. It was your traditional grapefruity hop taste, with a little bit of sweetness to round out a mild grassiness. Not in a bad way though. I’d equate the grassy taste that I was getting to somewhat similar to a green tea. Its really unfair to use that analogy as many people are not fans of green tea, but I’m really struggling to find what else I would compare it to. There were very subtle hints of malt. I’m thinking it was just there to balance the flavor, which is helped a bit, but they really let the hops do the talking. It was interesting to me that they don’t filter the beer or pasteurize it, so the full original flavors are able to come through.

The IPA comes in at 6.3% ABV. Its incredibly smooth and drinkable. During the hot summer months, it would be just like a nice refreshing glass of water. I liked it a lot. I’m giving this a 4 out of 5 and I’m happy to say that I’m able to purchase it here in Iowa, so I’ll always have that nice option during the summer as well. Hope you have a chance to enjoy this one sometime.


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