Sunday Sips: Levitation Ale by Stone Brewing

By now I’m sure you all think I have some sort of sick fascination with Stone Brewing. Well what can I say, they haven’t steered me wrong yet, so while we were on our trip I found this Levitation Ale and since I had never seen it before I had to have it. The beer has one of the most original concepts that I think I’ve ever found in that they openly tell you that its not going to be the most flavorful beer you’ve ever had, it won’t have much complexity, its just going to be straight forward, decent beer that won’t put you on your butt for alcohol content.

Stone Levitation Ale

The bottle really was pretty cool, hence my choice… I judge beers by their cover sometimes. Sue me 🙂

Stone Levitation Ale

I can tell you all with 100% certainty that this lived up to its billing exactly. The pour was pretty average, not a lot of lacing and barely any head. What head was there didn’t have any lasting power. The nose was mildly crisp with that subtle air of hoppiness. As far as taste is concerned, the initial taste was one that kind of took me to a place of lesser IPAs, bitter hoppiness in a good way, but then after about 20 seconds it had an oddly metallic aftertaste that had a kind of bizarre mouthfeel to it. It was at this point in time that I actually read the description of what the beer was supposed to be like, and it made sense to me. So then I just drank it without really trying to hone in on the flavors. It went down smooth, it was pretty refreshing, but it still had a bit of that aftertaste. The beer comes in at only 4.4% ABV. Overall, it was just a decent beer, exactly like they claimed. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars. If you’re looking for a beer that won’t make you feel all loopy if you drink a couple, this can be your beer, you don’t get that watered down taste of macrobrews, but you’re also not getting a great complex beer either. If you want that I would certainly suggest the Arrogant Bastard.

Have a great day everyone.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: Levitation Ale by Stone Brewing

  1. Like a few of your other warnings, I’m gong to take this as s “don’t go out of your way” review. Don’t get me wrong, i appreciate you taking the bullet for me on his, as well as a few other mediocre beers. I saw an “Irish Style Lager” by Rogue I may try. had you had it?

    1. I haven’t had that, but I think that could be good seeing that its not promoting some odd flavor.

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