Do you ever get a hankering so strong that you immediately have to drive to the grocery store to buy ingredients – no matter how crazy or weird they may be? That was me today. I was sitting at work this morning when all of the sudden it hit me. HARD. I wanted ramen noodles (without the packet – gross!) with earth balance, vegan parmesan and red pepper flakes. I have absolutely no idea why, and while I had other viable lunch options at home I had to stop at the store on my way home just to pick up the aforementioned ramen noodles.

Was it worth all the hassle?

Yep. SO worth it. They were so good. I even bought the 6-pack of noodles so I’ll have some the next time it hits.

Nothing like a hot, steaming bowl of “buttery” noodles. Yum.

Delicious noodles

Oh. And I also had a piece of leftover pizza from last night. Mmmm. Carbs. 🙂

Ever have a hankering? What was it for?


2 thoughts on “Hankering

  1. Chocolate covered raisins; I bought 2 bags and one was already gone by the time I got home. Don’t judge me; they were small bags!

    1. No judgement here. I’d eat those, too, if I could find a vegan version. Chocolate covered peanuts are right up there!!

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