Sunday Sips: Long Strange Tripel by Boulevard Brewing

Well its March Madness. There is part of me that thinks I should have done a bracket of beers that I’ve tasted. That would have been pretty amusing. Perhaps we’ll set that up to coincide with the finals. What goes better with college basketball watching than beer? Nothing much I would say, I’m really enjoying watching my Iowa State Cyclones play. I also still follow the Minnesota Gophers, so this has been a good tourney so far.

Onto the beer you say. đŸ™‚ Well this week’s sip is the Long Strange Tripel by Boulevard Brewing. You’re probably thinking, “man this guy like Boulevard beers.” Well I do, but this just happens to be that I bought a sampler so I got to try most of the smokestack series, which has been a great ride.

Long Strange Tripel

As you can see we had some head on this one. Man it was surprising just how much and it stuck around for a long time. It poured a wonderful amber color and it was clear with a lot of effervescence in the glass. If I would have poured the entire contents of the bottle there was a fair amount of sediment, so I’m not sure how much filtering it goes through, but the look in the glass was nice. The nose had a nice fruity smell to it, though not in a citrusy way (pretty low hop content). I’m hard pressed to describe the actual scent I got. The website claims, banana but that wasn’t there for me. It was a malty smooth beer to drink, but I was just unimpressed with the flavors. I think I’m just on an odd streak with my beers, where I’m ready for spring and something light and crisp with a good hop end. Anyway, while it was a good beer, it just wasn’t for me. I give this one a 2 out of 5 stars. This one also wouldn’t be one that you’d want to keep packing away as it comes in at 9% ABV.

Have a great one and Go Clones!


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  1. I had the same idea about a bracket come the sweet 16, and I don’t even watch college basketball. I’ve seen the Long Strange Trippel before, and always thought it looked great, and I just haven’t gotten it. . . yet. It’s coming though. Just a matter of time.

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