Sunday Sips: Organic Agriculturalist by Frey Vineyards

Happy Easter everyone! Jesus gave a way to have an eternal life and he defeated death on this day over 2000 years ago. He did it for everyone. Well in honor of the day, Jackie and I really thought it would be appropriate to do a Sunday Sip dedicated to wine. After all it was the first miracle, and to be quite honest I’m not all that confident that Jesus drank beer. If he did, it certainly wasn’t good beer. 😉

I’m not the biggest wine drinker in the world and as such you’re not going to hear me wax poetically about the nose of this, or how the tannins are too strong or not strong. I’m just going to tell you what I liked about the wine and what I didn’t, and tell you a little bit about why I do love this vineyard.

A little back story, I’m somewhat allergic to sulfites. I can particularly tell this when I eat dried fruit, my throat will get really itchy and it’ll be that way for awhile. So I have to be really careful and watch out for the stuff. Hence the reason as well why wine does not often go to the top of my list. I haven’t really had that much of a problem with them in wine, but still its enough to give me reasons to choose beer or a cocktail instead. Until recently it was VERY difficult to find any wine without the sulfites added. The reason being as far as I can tell that it helps to give it a longer shelf life. Well I found a vineyard that is making wines without it, so I was super excited. Hence today we’re talking about Frey Vineyards. I think these guys treat their passion for wine and the earth the right way. Make good product that is not a problem for anyone or the earth. 🙂


I love the art on the bottle, its so great, it just makes me feel like this is a family run place. A place where I can just kick back at the table with a good meal and enjoy this bottle with friends. This pours out such a beautiful garnet color. And the lacing in the glass holds up well.


As for the taste, its a red, its dry but not overly so, it has enough sweetness to make me just have a pleasant experience in drinking it. It doesn’t have a strong bite afterward, its just a nice mellow drink. It seems like it would pair well with most things. We paired it with a Gardein Holiday Roast, some party potatoes and sauteed carrots. I think its a good introduction into red wine drinking. I’d do a disservice to give it a real rating, but lets just say I won’t have any issues buying it again. I really enjoy it.

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you have a great day.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: Organic Agriculturalist by Frey Vineyards

  1. As a wine drinker and a beer drinker, I’d say you did just fine with your wine review. May I also suggest Pacific Redwood organic syrah as an alternative. It has a number of the same easy-to-drink qualities that three Frey has.

    Our just go to what you know and stick to beer…

    1. Good to know. I’ll keep my eyes open. I’m always up for trying new things. Jackie unfortunately doesn’t like either so I’m stuck to the bottle for myself. I’ve got a vacuum sealer but I know it’s not quite the same after.

      Thanks for the Easter wishes, hope you and the blonde are having a great day.

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