High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’m so excited it’s Friday. (aren’t I always?) I’ve had a great week, but it’s been a busy, stressful week for Nick, so I’m really glad it’s Friday for his sake! I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend. I think we’re heading to the cheap seats to see “Silver Linings Playbook” either tonight or tomorrow. And I’m fairly certain some baking will be involved. 😉 As usual, I’m linking up with Lauren!

1. Mel’s birthday was a few weeks ago, but she was out of town, so we were finally able to get together and celebrate! She’s originally From Canada, so I added a little something to a cardigan for her. She loved it. 🙂
For Mel

2. Speaking of Mel, we’re doing the Color Run in the Cities this year, and so I picked up some Luck ‘o the Irish knee highs for us to wear. Oh, yeah. (thank you 70% off at Target!)
Luck 'o the Irish for the Color Run!

3. Lil Sis and I went to visit our alma mater yesterday – there wasn’t a ton at the bookstore this time of year, but I picked up a chapstick for the road. Be Orange!
Be Orange!!

4. Auntie (aka Lil Sis) bought Basil a bow tie. Isn’t he so dapper?
So dapper!

5. It as 60 degrees yesterday! WAHOO! Bring it on!

Have a super fun weekend!!