High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! This week has had it’s share of ups and downs, but that’s bound to happen every once and awhile. But it’s finally Friday! Woo hoo! As always, I’m linking up with Lauren.

1. I got myself some new kicks. Nick and I both wear the Merrell barefoot shoes. They’re great! I had a sweet coupon at REI and our dividend, so I couldn’t pass these babies up. Plus, they’re PINK!
New kicks!

2. I also got a sweet deal at REI-outlet and snagged this Brooks running hoodie. A place for my ponytail?! Genius.

3. It was a super nice day on Sunday and I went with Nick to the driving range. I don’t golf, but he’s really starting to get into it. He bought some clubs and wanted to try them out.
Golf pro in the making

4. This guy. So sweet.
This guy. So sweet.

5. Lil Sis and I went to play with puppies yesterday! I played with a Dachsie/Chihuahua mix and she played with a French Bulldog. OMG. Wanted to keep them both.

Happy weekend!!


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