Sunday Sips: Summit Unchained 100% Organic Ale Batch #12

This week I’m bringing you another beer from the Summit Brewing Company out of St. Paul Minnesota.  This week we’ve got a limited release that caught my eye as we walked into our Co-op last week.  The first thing that caught me was 100% Organic.  That would have probably been enough for me to grab a beer by a local brewery, but then I saw that it was also an IPA.  How could I possibly go wrong right?
Summit Organic Ale

So back to the organic part. I love that this is meant to be a beer that uses sustainably grown grains & hops. Anything we can do to help out environment out is a plus in my book. We were put here to be stewards of the earth, not run it into the ground. So if we can be smart about what we’re doing and get a high quality beer out of it, then we’re golden, or in this case a nice amber hue. 🙂

There was a nice head on the ale, it wasn’t too thick, but it didn’t just disappear either. The brew left a nice lacing on the glass and like I said the color was spectacular. The nose was floraly. Definitely not hitting on the citrus notes that I normally expect, they were there in the taste, but just not as prominent in the smell.

This one went down SMOOTH. Oh my goodness, if you want to talk about a sessionable beer, this one is for you. It was a nice light 4.5% ABV, so it isn’t going to put you on your butt if you’ve got an empty stomach. I could drink this again and again. I’m giving it a 5 out of 5. The only frustration I have is that its a limited release batch and I only got one 6 pack. Oh well. I’m hoping they’ll make more when they hear how great it was.