Homemade Taco John’s Potato Oles – Pinterest FAIL

If you’re anything like me, you love Pinterest. It’s great for everything, really, and I’ve found countless recipes that have been pretty darn awesome. A lot of the stuff I pin isn’t vegan, but it gives me the freedom to make it vegan – and in the way I want to! Needless to say, when I found a pin for Taco John’s Potato Ole seasoning, I was SUPER excited. Granted, I haven’t had them in YEARS, but what I remember? Delicious. Deep fried and salty potatoes?! Yes, please.

Lil Sis was over for dinner last Friday (Nick was gone for a meeting at church) so she and I decided to give these babies a whirl. We were making quesadillas, so why not? We used half a bag of Spud Puppies and tossed them in the seasoning (2 tsp paprika, 1 tsp ground cumin and 1 tsp cayenne pepper) right from the oven. (I know, I know. We didn’t fry them. But trust me. It wouldn’t have made any difference.)

Pinterest fail

We had added a pinch of kosher salt, just because, but even so, the flavor was all wrong. Lots of heat, but there wasn’t that *WOW* factor. You know what I mean? They were bland, too. Just a lot of heat from the cayenne. I think they needed a good dose of the seasoning from Red Robin, or some kind of seasoned salt. And the color was wrong, too, from all of the paprika. Now, I’ll be honest. It didn’t stop us from eating quite a few, but we were disappointed enough not to finish them. (I KNOW.) We’ll definitely try and replicate the seasoning again, but I’m going to delete the original pin pronto.

So, save yourself the time. Epic fail on Potato Oles, Pinterest.