High Five for Friday

Hello again, Friday! It’s always a pleasure to see you. We’ve got a full weekend planned, but that includes a lot of fun on Sunday. We’re taking a day trip to hit up Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Wahoo! I’m linking up with Lauren, just like always.

1. Nick made potato salad last weekend. I ate it. AND LIKED IT.

2. It was fun celebrating Nick’s birthday on Tuesday. He had a LONG day, but we still got to celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Nick!

3. Speaking of Nick’s birthday, we went to the Trumpet Blossom Cafe for “Taco Tuesday”. My margarita hit the spot! (along with the sweet potato fries)
Sweet potato fries with maple-cayenne aioli

4. I made cupcakes for small group. Yep, more cake. 🙂
Agave-sweetened cupcakes with Jameson buttercream

5. We got our Vegan Cuts box yesterday! So excited for some more teese cheese! Definitely our favorite.
April Vegan Cuts

Have a great weekend! Anything fun planned?


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