Sunday Sips: Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout

Welcome back everyone.  Its Sunday again which means its time for another adult beverage.  Yesterday was a great day for me.  Jackie and I got up early and went to rehearsal at church for our upcoming acts of worship night, and it actually went really well.  After that Jackie was hanging out with a friend all day so I pretty much had the day to myself.  I went and golfed 9 holes to start off my time.  (I’m a terrible golfer, but I also haven’t golfed that many times, its really enjoyable to get outside though.) after I got home I spent darn near all the rest of my time in the kitchen.  I made some hummus and then used that in a wrap that I made for lunch.  I cleaned all sorts of dishes, put together enchilada’s for dinner tomorrow night, and then I decided to make banana bread too.  WHEW.  Anyway what goes better with cooking and sweets, why a beverage of course.  So I went for one that I’ve never tried before.  Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout.  OMG, I’m SO glad that I did.
Samuel smiths chocolate stout

I’ve always enjoyed Samuel Smith’s Brewery before, but holy cow this beer made me happy.  They’re a great brewery out of the UK and if I ever get to the UK I’m headed there for a tour.

As you can see the first thing you’re probably noticing is the color.  Its seriously almost black.  And the head was a nice thick latte color that had good lacing that stuck around.  MMM.  The nose, all chocolate and malt.  The chocolate was so very pronounced.  I’m not sure if part of what had me going with this was the chocolate, as a vegan chocolate is a lot more rare than it used to be so if I can get good chocolate I’m all about it.  The first sip hit me nice and smooth with a really rich chocolate, caramely malt.  Not a lot of hops, really this is completely the opposite of what I’ve been drinking lately, but it worked.  If you’re going for dessert and want a beer with it, I think this would pair greatly.  What I’m thinking now is how I can turn this into a stout cupcake.  YUM.  Its only 5% ABV, so its super sessionable, though I find it rather rich so I wouldn’t have more than one of these large bottles.  All said though this packs it in, smooth, great flavor and looks awesome.  I’m giving it 5 out of 5.  If you have a chance I’d say give it a whirl.

Have a great day everyone.


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  1. I agree, I’ve always like Sam Smith’s, so the idea of a really good chocolate stout is pretty appealing. I also golf, and also golf badly, so all told, it sounds like you had a heck of a day!

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