High Five for Friday

What a week! Nick has been on travel, Lil Sis has been staying with me, and it’s been the week of baking disasters! Ah, well. Such is life. Apparently you can’t have good luck all the time. It was fun anyway. We certainly had a lot of laughs! I’m linking up with Lauren for this weeks top five.

1. We went to Starbuck’s after rehearsal Monday night. I was really thirsty so I asked for a glass of water to drink with my latte. I laughed out loud when I saw they had to print a sticker for my drink order! HA!
Ummm. Thanks for the ice.

2. Someone has been missing his Dad this week. He’s feeling pretty happy that Auntie is here, though. Me? He could care less.
Missing his Dad

3. We were trying to get Basil to take funny pics one night. He wasn’t as into it as we were.
We so crazy

4. I watched “The Impossible” this week with a friend. Have you seen it? It’s about the 2004 tsunami. Powerful movie.

5. Nick comes home today. Wahoo!

Anything planned for the long weekend??