Sunday Sips: Liberty Ale by Anchor Brewing Company

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all.  I love taking time this weekend to just reflect upon the price that’s been paid for the freedom and liberty that we enjoy so freely here in America.  There has been so much paid for by both our service men and women and I also use the time to remember the price that Jesus paid for us all as well.  I’m so proud of all the people that have chosen to serve in one way or another for all the things we generally take for granted.  So Thank You all from the bottom of my heart.

On that note, Jackie found me what was the perfect beer for the weekend.  Its a Liberty Ale by Anchor brewing company.  Its a craft beer pale ale.
Liberty Ale

I was really excited to sample this one this weekend too, because while I was in Brazil last week I saw it in a grocery store. One of only 3 pale ales in the entire store. That seemed like a good omen to me.

As you can see from the picture, this pale ale poured a more golden color opposed to the amber that I’ve found to be more traditional. The head was a nice cream color. What really stands out in the look though is the bubbles.  And that’s not from the glass being dirty, the way this is brewed it has a bit of carbonation to it.  The nose was a bit citrussy, and a bit grassy.   The flavor was nice and crisp.  That feel that I was looking for lately in a pale ale.   Really bright going down with a big kick of hops on the back that gave way to a bitter grapefruit hint.  This was a really good beer and I was really excited by the fact that it didn’t have any extra added crap.  This beer has 5.9% ABV, so not too heavy, not too light, as with everything else with the beer, just really well balanced.  I would give this beer a 4 out of 5.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Enjoy the weekend.