Taste Test Tuesday: Coco-Roons

Yesterday we decided to go on a road trip to restock the pantry.  So Jacks, her lil sis and I all piled in the Prius and set off for West Des Moines.  We had a date with Trader Joes, Whole Foods Market, and World Market.  The last was not an original planned stop, but lil sis wanted to stop and we ended up finding lots of yummies there as well.  We’ve figured this whole road trip to Des Moines out.  If we leave at like 7:30/8:00, we get there as the stores are opening and they’re totally not crazy.  Absolutely the time to go.  Then we head back home and we get home before Basil is ready to burst or misses a meal.  Perfect really.

While in Whole Foods, we really did quite well with sticking to getting staples and not getting junk food.  Jacks was craving a little something sweet though and stumbled upon these Vanilla Maple Coco-Roons by Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights.  This seemed like the perfect little bite for all of us.  Vegan, GF, Raw, Low Glycemic, I mean really how could we go wrong?

These little morsels come out of the package resembling what I would call a raw cookie dough ball. They were light and squishy and smelled wonderfully of coconut. The first bite confirmed that they were not dry in the slightest, they reminded me of a mix between a bite of cookie dough and an American macaroon. I think that was kind of their goal. The vegan’s both thought this was an amazing little treat. The gf in the backseat of the car was feeling a lot less enthused. She just wasn’t really into the coconut flavor.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a little bite of something sweet and you stumble upon these, I think you should totally give them a whirl. They also come in different flavors, next time I totally want to get the chocolate brownie flavor.