10 years of change

I don’t know that I’ve ever really shared my story on here about changing my health for the better.  I figured that I really needed to do that just to show what a lifetime of change looks like.  Making a change to your lifestyle is the only way to get healthier.  Its not about diet, its about doing something that you can stick with and that makes you feel good.  Diets come and go and all you get is a roller coaster of weight gains and losses that are just hard on your body and its health.   The picture below shows the transition that I’ve gone through over the last 10 + years.  As far as the time scale is concerned it essentially goes from left to right and top to bottom through the columns.
At the very left is close to when I was at my heaviest and really NOT healthy. I don’t know that the picture caught the heaviest or not, but at one point right after I graduated college I was up to 283 pounds. I may very well have been at 290+, I’m not sure. I decided that I needed a change. Its probably no coincidence that this really related to when I ended up having a personal relationship with Jesus. Anyway I needed to change because I was on a crash course for being on meds my entire adult life and I had no desire to be in that camp. My blood pressure was terrible, my cholesterol was off the charts. Really there was nothing going good for me. And there certainly wasn’t any woman in my life. Well I started eating a little less, definitely drinking less beer and dropped soda and started trying to be a bit more active. As you can see that started working through that over a couple years until the wedding picture with Jacks. (I don’t know what she saw with me when she first met me, that hair and my style was TERRIBLE!) When we got married I think I was hovering around 220/230 something like that. Jackie introduced me to organic food and in general just trying to eat better. That worked for us, we eat fairly good, we tried to be more active… One of us has just a bit of a sweet tooth, which rubs off on the other one of us. I’ll never tell who started that. 😉 Anyway, that pretty much takes you to the picture of me with the bass over on the right. That was a month before we went plant based/vegan. I was weighing in at about 193 and seemed to have been stuck there for a long time. I didn’t really feel unhealthy, but I thought I could still stand to lose a bit more. Since being vegan for a year and getting more active with Jacks and I running I’m now at about 171. I’m really happy, I feel healthy, and I have a good dose of loose skin to deal with. I’ll take it. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and I don’t have anything on the radar as far as having to take meds.

I just want to encourage any of you trying to make a change that you just need to work it in as a lifestyle change. Realize that you’re going to have some set backs and just get back on the horse and start again when you fall off. Its not a big deal, its about making something that works for you and being healthy.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this last picture of both Jackie and myself. I think she looks more beautiful than ever. She’ll probably disagree, but I think she’s gotten a change with the lifestyle change as well.

Me and Jacks


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  1. This story is so similar to my husband’s and mine. It’s amazing how quickly your life alters once you implement the changes. It’s been a few years, but it’s nice to look back and appreciate how hard yet rewarding it was. Thank you so much for sharing! You both look amazing!

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