High Five for Friday

Did you have a good Memorial Day weekend? We sure did! I love long weekends! 🙂 And even better, I love short work weeks!! As always, I’m linking up with Lauren for my top five for the week.

1. Arrested Development is back on netflix! Wahoo! While I’m not as stoked about the new format, I’m still glad to see all the characters together again.

2. We took a day trip to Des Moines for a Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s run. Yay for tasty vegan food! I stocked up on Beyond Meat. Yum!

3. We’ve been having some crazy weather around here. (and way too much rain, ugh) This was the sky the other night, though. Way cool!
Cool, stormy sky

4. Finally got to see “Star Trek: Into Darkness”!
Movie night

5. We had dessert with new friends last night, and they are very curious about being vegan. Yay! We have a date in a few weeks to have dinner at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe. Can’t wait to introduce them to the tasty vegan food we love!

Have a wonderful weekend! Any big plans?


Let's hear it!

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