Sunday Sips: 4 in Hand Crafty Ale IPA

Today I’m bringing you all an ale that I stumbled upon earlier in the week at Whole Foods Market.  Well actually I should say that Jacks stumbled across it.  She’s really taken to helping me find some more new beers to try and bring to you all.  The bottle on this intrigued me, as did the explanation.  This small batch brew from Idle Hands Craft Brewery is an IPA that promised lots of hops with a smooth and balanced malt presence.

Four In Hand Crafty Ale IPA

The nose on this was nice and bright, but at the same time subtle. It wasn’t jumping out at me. I couldn’t tell from it that there was a ton of hops, but it also didn’t promise much in the way of malt either. A precursor of what it promised in terms of balance? The color was a nice amber color, not much head and not really all that much lacing. Then I went to taste the beer. Its really hard for me to explain this beer, it was pleasant but yet not so much so that I just wanted to keep drinking it. I kept going back trying to figure out what it was that I was trying to capture in the taste. The conclusion that I came to was that the beer was simply too much 1 note. It was just flat on taste, the malts did balance it and I did get some hops out of there. End of the day though I’d suggest you steer clear to something else. I’d give this beer a 2 out of 5. I’ve had a lot worse, but also had a lot that were better.

Have a great week everyone.