High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, y’all! Have you had a good week? Big plans for the weekend? Nick and I are going to take in a baseball game on Saturday, I think. And of course we’ll hit up the Farmer’s Market and Starbucks! These are my top five for this week:

1. Nick and I grabbed some vegan yummies at the co-op for breakfast and enjoyed them with our coffee al fresco. I could get used to that.

2. Mel recently went to Universal Studios and she brought me a minion t-shirt! I LOVE minions!

3. Basil actually let me snuggle him AND take a picture. He’s so cute.
My little buddy

4. Lil Sis bought me lunch! Mmmm. Mexican. Love it.
Mmmm! Lunch.

5. We wentto see Cirque du Soleil with our small group last night! AMAZING. We saw “Quidam”. If you ever have the opportunity to go – DO IT! Wow. Just WOW.

Have a great weekend!

*linking up with Lauren!
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