Sunday Sips: Bacardi Torched Cherry +Cola

This week I’m going to be reviewing something a bit different from my normal fare.  While searching out some new brews, Jackie and I saw this “cola” and call it advertising or whatever, but I was just drawn to the can.  I know soda isn’t exactly good for anyone, and while it may be vegan its not healthy, but sometimes you just want a cherry cola.  Add some booze to that and you have a winning recipe in my book.  Now Bacardi isn’t normally my thing, or Jackies for that matter (I tend to find the taste to be far to mediciney and not a lot of anything else), I really did want to try this and give you guys a new product.

Bacardi Torched

We cracked this open and poured it into a nice full glass of ice. The first thing to note about it was that it had tons of carbonation, which when I’m having a soda that’s what I want. I want to burp, I’m rude, but that’s part of the fun. We have burping contests. It was a classic cola, but I smelled the cherry immediately. It smelled heavenly. Then to the taste, what a perfect blend of soda, cherry, and booze. It was typical bacardi rum for the most part in the taste, but the cherry and the cola really offset it well. It wasn’t like cough syrup at all. Jackie thought it would be dangerous, and I can understand that. It was delicious. I would give this a 4 out of 5. It was perfect for a treat and something a little different. It would be great as a pizza accompaniment, and it was perfect on its own.

If you’re into soda and drinks, grab one of these fast. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: Bacardi Torched Cherry +Cola

  1. You know, I want to rage and cry here, but instead I think I may just go and try one myself. Cherry Coke is probably me favorite soda all time, so a rum-and-Cherry-Coke already in the can seems a little dangerous. . .

    1. Rage and cry because I gave into the machine that is alcohol/soda in a can? 🙂 I agree I felt a little dirty about it, but Jackie was super excited to try, so why not. It was rather enjoyable.

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