High Five for Friday

It’s Friday! It’s been a crazy week. We’ve had something every night for last I don’t even know how many days! I’m ready for a break. Whew! Any fun plans for the weekend? Nick and I are doing a Color Run tomorrow! SUPER excited! I just hope the weather holds out and it doesn’t rain. It would be a major bummer if we got rained out. 😦 Any big plans for you?

Here are my top 5 for this week:

1. Found some pretty neat-o gluten free goodies at the store the other night. We can’t have the pizza dough or cookie dough (not pictured), but I do have a container of the pie/pastry dough in the fridge. I’m thinking of making toaster pastries!
Say what?!

2. Mel and I are a doing a Color Run together next month, so I picked up some bright green shorts to go with our Irish knee socks! We’re gonna look soooo good.
Color Run duds

3. Basil was being a hater this week – it’s been really hot, muggy and stormy all week – but he’s still cute. Even when he’s bored.

4. Check out this hottie! No way you could miss him on the golf course!
Golf Pro

5. We’ve survived week three of our kettlebell workout and started week four Wednesday night. While I can’t say I love it while I’m doing it, I do like that I’m working my body and I’m seeing a little bit of a change in my body. (I think it always takes me the longest to notice about myself)

Have a great weekend!

*linking up with Lauren
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