Taste Test Tuesday: Daiya Cream Cheese Spread (vegan & gluten free)

I love bagels and cream cheese. For breakfast, for lunch (with some veggies on top!), and even for a snack. I’m all about buying good bagels, but a great cream cheese can transcend even a ho-hum bagel. We were in Madison this past weekend and while we were there we picked up a dozen bagels from Bagels Forever. I’m able to buy a few select flavors at my local co-op, but whenever I’m in Madison, I like to snag some fresh from the shop. These bagels are the bomb! Perfectly chewy and delicious. But this post isn’t about the bagels, it’s about the cream cheese.

Plain Cream Cheese

Daiya recently released a line of cream cheese. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to get to a Whole Foods to grab some. Nick and I toasted up a Hole Wheat (get it? haha!) bagel yesterday and added a good dollup of the cream cheese. It certainly looks like cream cheese. It had a nice spread to it, creamy and thick, with a sharp tang of flavor, which I like. It had a slight daiya flavor (if you’ve ever eaten any of their other cheese products, you’ll know what I mean), but not in an off-putting sort of way. I really like this one. It’s not something that I’m able to purchase on a regular basis, due to where we live, so I’ll have to stick with Tofutti in the meantime. Which is fine by me. I like Tofutti a lot, too. I’d say the two are pretty comparable with Tofutti having a slightly milder taste. I’m anxious to try the other flavors of cream cheese that daiya makes as well. (I actually purchased the chive and onion flavor, but when I opened it, it had a spot of mold. Ick. But I received a very kind email from them with their apologies. They said they would also be sending me replacement product coupons. Thanks, daiya!)

Bagel & cream cheese

Have you tried the daiya cream cheese yet? What did you think?

The vegans: 4 out of 5


2 thoughts on “Taste Test Tuesday: Daiya Cream Cheese Spread (vegan & gluten free)

  1. I recently had the Daiya strawberry cream cheese. I felt much the same as you, it was good, not great, and I’m not a huge fan of the “Daiya-y” taste, but, well, it is what it is. . .

    1. Yeah, I love that there are vegan cheese options, but honestly? They all have such a weird smell (and sometimes odd taste) to me! But what can you do? It’s nice to have something, and thankfully someone is always improving and making the next new thing!

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