Sweating Rainbows

Nick and I recently had a weekend getaway in Madison, WI. We signed up to do the Color Run together, and so we decided to make a weekend of it. We left early Friday morning and came back on Sunday afternoon. I had done a Color Run last October with Mel, and so I couldn’t wait to do one with Nick. They really are the Happiest 5k’s around! I’ll be honest and say I don’t really love running. It’s great exercise, and I usually feel great when I’m done, bu I tend to get SUPER bored with exercise. I think that’s why I’m doing so well with sticking with our Kettlebell dvd’s. It moves quickly, the moves are challenging, but then it’s over in 20 minutes! That being said, I ran the entire thing on Saturday. (I was pretty happy with myself!) There is just something that makes running 3.1 miles better when they throw color on you every kilometer! Not only that, it’s just like a big, messy party, and everyone is there to have fun. It unfortunately rained THE ENTIRE RACE, but it certainly made the color stick even better!! I’m really glad we did it – we had a really fun time. We have some great pictures, that’s for sure.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Here we are pre-race. All white, pasty and happy the rain had stopped (for about 5 minutes):

First pic post-race:

(Nick caught some free sunglasses and didn’t stop to take the sticker off the front, ha!)

Color throw!

What we looked like after our color throw:

And my favorite pic:
I'm so tough

Like I said, the rain TOTALLY made the color stick. In fact, 3 days later, Nick and I both have color stains! He’s got some pink tips to his faux-hawk and I’ve got a couple of smatters of hot pink on my ankles. Ah. Such is life! It’ll come off eventually! I’m actually doing another one on the 14th with Mel in Minneapolis. We’ll see how colored I get at that one!

Have you ever done the Color Run? Or anything like it?