Sunday Sips: Oberon Ale by Bells Brewery

Well another Sunday has rolled around, and this one is special. Or at least it feels special, because Summer is in full swing. I cannot believe that we’re essentially half way through summer and definitely half way through the year already. I grow older and the time just flies by faster than ever. I remember when I was a kid it seemed like a week was a long time, a month was forever, and a year was an eternity. Oh well time changes. Well with it being full blown summer I wanted to review one of my favorite summer ales. And it really is only available during the summer. I haven’t reviewed much of Bells Brewery beers on here, but I really should do more of them as I find their beer to be fantastic and it seems to be available in most of the US. Or perhaps I’m jaded because its definitely all around the midwest. In any case, if you see any Bells beers on your favorite beer stop, give it a try, I’m fairly sure you’ll be happy that you did. Ok, I know you’re all saying enough rambling, tell us about the beer. So here it goes.

Oberon Ale

The beer comes out of the bottle creating a nice rich ivory head. This head was fairly thick, it had good staying power, and it cast off a nose of fruityness, a bit of wheat, maybe a spritzing of honey. I don’t know it came off sweat, and as you can see in the pour it had a deep amber color, the body was a mix between a filtered beer with a hint of an unfiltered wheat beer in there. Nice carbonation but not overly so. Then we get to the taste. Seriously pure summer in a glass. This was such a well balanced beer, but more than balanced, balanced with flavor. It wasn’t like some balanced beers where you just are left feeling ho hum, its like we got a nice carmel taste, a bold hoppy back end with the fruit flavors I wanted. It wasn’t an IPA, but yet it had subtle hints of it, and it drinks more like a lager, nice and smooth and I could just keep going back for more. Its ABV is 5.8% so you could easily have a few, if you were so inclined, before things would get away from you. Anyway, I do like some other Bells brews more than this one, but as far as summer is concerned, this is refreshing and light and just what I want as the weather starts to turn hot. I’m giving it a 4 out of 5.

Have a great week everyone.