High Five for Friday

Wahoo! It’s Friday! And I’m headed out of town for the weekend with Mel! I have been counting down the days and it’s finally here! Too bad she’s moving away in ONE WEEK. *sobs* But I’m not going to let it ruin our weekend. We’re out to have fun! Shop, eat, shop, and shop. 😉 Here are my top five for this week! (it was a very Basil week, this week! :))

1. Got to spend a lazy day at home last Saturday with my boys. Too bad Basil HATES flies and always gets weird when there’s one in the house. I love his face:
Darn you, fly!

2. Speaking of Basil, he’s decided he’s totally over sleeping in his kennel at night. Whatevs. He’s an old man and he’s cranky. I get it. So we moved his bed that was in the living room into our room and he’s as happy as can be. But we had to get a new bed for the living room. Well, we didn’t have to, but you know. He loves it.
Squishy new bed

3. Nick, bless his heart, had to wear a crazy get-up for our sketch on Sunday. He was the “fish who swallowed Jonah”. It’s a good look, no?
Fancy fish

4. I started reading “Revenge Wears Prada”. I’m a little over halfway through. I’m excited to see where it goes! LOVED the first one, and the movie?! Top 5.
Revenge Wears Prada

Oh, geez.

Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?

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