Sunday Sips: Schlafly Sessions IPA

Hi Everyone.  Its been another week.  This was a long one at work.  My boss was out as well as most of the rest of the leadership team so it made for an extra long week for me.  So I was MORE than happy to just kick back this weekend and enjoy a couple of beverages.  I had a SUPER fantastic Moscow Mule at the Trumpet Blossom on Friday night.  That was a first for me, it was vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice all served together in a copper mug.  So delicious.

Moscow mule

That being said I’m back to reviewing beer this week and I’m happy to bring you the Schlafly Sessions IPA today.  Schlafly is a mid tier brewer in St. Louis, MO.  They’re going toe to toe with the big guns and as you can all probably expect I think they’re doing a lot better job then their big brother down the street.  I’ve had the IPA before sampled off tap, but this time I found it hiding out in a can.  Like I’ve told you guys before, sometimes its just fun and nice to have beer in a can.  It certainly makes taking it places easier.  I poured this though so we could see what it looked like and get a better feel for the nose, head and all that other good stuff.  The pour was clean and smooth, but left the beer with a surprising lack of head.  Just a real thin layer of bubbles.  The color was a nice copper.
Schlafly IPA

The highlight for me was the nose though, it was so bright and crisp with lots of fruitiness shining through.  They really went to lengths to feature the hops and not make a heavy beer.  This one is definitely sessionable.  Its only packing 4.5% ABV, and the IBU is 30.  Definitely a drink to just take out on the porch or out to the park to enjoy with some friends while soaking in the wonderful weather.  The taste was fairly one note, but in a good way, a just nice hoppy citrus punch, with a little bit of straw like malt to balance it.  This is a rather good, but not great beer.  I’d give it a solid 3.5 out of 5.  Definitely one of the better beers I’ve enjoyed out of a can.  Have a great week everyone.