Sunday Sips: Meridian Session Ale by Summit Brewing

I’ve got a great beer for you all this week.  The Meridian Session Ale by Summit Brewing.  This is part of their limited release Union series.  I have to come clean with you all before I get started reviewing it though.  I REALLY struggled getting this post together, I’m kind of in a blogging doldrums.  Its one of those things where I question if there is really anyone reading the blog.  And its a surprising amount of work to do it well and do it right.  So I’m still very excited to bring this to you guys and I hope that some of you can track it down and give it a go, but it was hard this week.  Thanks for sticking with me, if any of you have tips for powering through it, or have gone through similar things I’d love to hear it.

Meridian Session Ale

What a wonderfully beautiful beer.  It poured a nice unfiltered amber, with a thick creamy head.  The beer promised a balance of hops with malt, but still full of flavor.  I got that too.   It was definitely inspired off a Belgian Ale.  It was floral with a hint of lemon to the nose.  It had a bit of spice to it on the tip of the palate, nice bitter hops that were clean and not muddled with a malt finish that didn’t completely take away the hopiness.  I really enjoyed the beer for all its simplicity it brought a lot to the table.  Its only 4.5% ABV with 32 IBUs so it lives up to its name sake.  This beer is sessionable indeed.  I think its great, I’d give it a solid 4 out of 5.  I’d kind of like it to be a little heavier, but this really was very very good.  Go out and grab yourself one if you can find it.  You won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: Meridian Session Ale by Summit Brewing

  1. So, first, I can’t speak for anyone else, but both read and appreciate your beer reviews. I keep looking for the beers that you suggest, and I have a little bit of luck, but hey, I’d rather know and keep looking.

    Second, as for “powering through” the blogging downs, the only way I do it is to just make it habit. Every Monday I post about something (I should be cooking more, but hey…) and every Wednesday I post about beer. That’s my habit. They say 28 days makes a habit, and I’vebeen doing this for just over a year, so I guess I’ll keep up, and I enjoy your posts, so I hope you will too.

    1. Thanks man. I’m going to keep doing it and powering through it. I appreciate the feedback and kind words. I certainly do appreciate the work that goes into blogging now though. I, like you try to make a conscious effort to respond as well. Thanks again.

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