Sunday Sips: Twilight Summer Ale by Deschutes

Woohoo, what a crazy weekend.  Its been a long one and we’ve been SO productive.  We went to Des Moines yesterday for a spontaneous TJs and Whole Foods run.  Was a great, day, then when we got home we did some painting.  We did early service at church today which was rocked by the high school kids, and then its been painting, painting, some driving range, a kettle bell work out and finally some dinner and down time.  WOW…  So we’re watching some Queer Eye for the Straight guy off Netflix.  (AWESOME, wish this show was still on.)  And we had a great dinner, Colcannon, some fresh sweet corn and some meatless nuggets.  What does all this need…. Why beer of course.

I’m happy to bring you a new one to Iowa today.  Its a beer that just made its appearance here a couple of weeks ago.  Deschutes Brewery  is out of Oregon and it appears that Iowa is the farthest east that it has made it.  Sorry Vegan’s Husband, you’ll have to road trip to get this one if you want it.   I was drawn in by the beautiful bottle for my first try of these guys beer.  They have about 4 beers that I’ve seen here in Iowa, but I liked the promise of a summer ale.  Something light, refreshing and with lots of character.  I like that sort of thing.

Deschutes twilight summer ale


The beer poured really clear with a great amber color.  Its kind of copery, looks like the fire or sunset.  Loved it.  Not much head, but what was there was a nice clean milky color.  The nose was clean and bright with a bit of a citrusy hint.   This was light at 5% ABV, and 35 IBUs.  A very well balanced beer, I got a good bit of woody malt in the front a bit of hops in the back and very smooth.  But at the end of the day, I couldn’t tell you that any flavor really popped.  There was nothing that was earth shattering about it, but it was just really good, I drank it right down.  Really enjoyed it.  Given that it didn’t knock my socks off though I’m giving it a 3.5 out of 5.  Hope to catch you all back next week.

Oh, I’ve also noticed that all the fall beers are coming out, Octoberfests and pumpkin ales.  Any seasonal that you can’t live without?


One thought on “Sunday Sips: Twilight Summer Ale by Deschutes

  1. Show off. . . This sounds pretty good, but of course, I’m out of luck. I’ve got a little digging for myself as far as beers to find for the next few weeks too.
    As far as the Autumn beers go. . . I’m not ready for them to be out. It’ still too nice out. If I have to choose, I’m always going to go with Southern Tier’s PumKing: If you can find it, grab a few. They’re limited release.

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