Sunday Sips: Bikini Beer by Eviltwin Brewing

Hi everyone.  Its been quite the week, in a very good way (Jacks went to North Carolina to see some of our friends, and I’ve been home manning the fort, going to work and playing golf).  I’m happy to be back again this week to bring you another brew.  And this week I am SUPER excited to tell you about the beer.  Its so nice to be back on a good streak when it comes to my beer tasting.  This week we’re going back to a can, and as I’ve done before, when I’ve got a can of beer, I really wanted to review it out of the can.  I drink beer out of bottles as well, but there’s just something natural about drinking beer out of a can…  It makes it just seem more rustic and manly… And that’s exactly what I’m drinking Bikini Beer… can’t get more manly than that 😉


What a funny can to start with.  I particularly enjoy the geometric shapes that are forming a bikini.  All of Evil Twin’s cans have a very geometric design so it fits with their general theme.  Additionally if you ever find one of their beers, take the time to read the labels.  They’re absolutely hilarious.  This one promoted a beer that wasn’t for sissy’s and yet has only 2.9% ABV…  Needless to say I was intrigued.  This is an IPA, and I’ve had some other IPAs that were low on alcohol content before that were just terrible.  This one does not fit the mold of terrible low alcohol beers.  It was honestly one of the better beers I’ve had in quite some time… It was fully packed with that in your face hoppiness, a bit of graprefruit citrus, and a little bit of malt to round it out.  You can’t go wrong with this beer, unless you’re trying to get wasted… In which case its going to take a lot of them to get you there.  😉  Seeing that I drink for the flavor and experience, I wasn’t missing out at all.  I’d give this a 4.5 out of 5.  Next time I’ll pour it in a glass and come back and try to add a picture with some more notes for you guys…. Yup, that means I’ll certainly be buying some more.

As always have a great week.


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