Sunday Sips: Tramp Stamp by Clown Shoes Brewing

Its Sunday again, that means that its time for another lovely brew.  I’m really happy to be bringing this one to you all this week.  I’m happy to have good beers to review again.  I don’t know what happened with my beer selection lately, I’m not obsessed by half covered women being part of my beer drinking experience.  I promise.  But as I was saying this is the Tramp Stamp by Clown Shoes Brewing.

My Co-Op had this out in their singles selection the other day and this was truly a case where the name caught my eye more than the beer itself.  I was amused on multiple levels, both for the brewery name and for the beer name.  Lets just say it was inventive and eye catching.  Their marketing department gets two thumbs up.

The beer is being touted as a Belgian IPA. That got me even more intrigued.  This beer was a visual wonder right from the beginning, you can see that it poured a nice coppery color, with a very opaque look reminiscent of a wit beer.   The lacing was of good quality and clung to the glass, the head stuck around fairly well too.  The thing I found so nice about this pairing of a Belgian IPA was the small hint of orange to go with the grapefruit quality of the hops.  They added enough malt to balance it out so it wasn’t so in your face.  It made this entirely drinkable.   Its a 7% ABV brew, so its not terribly strong, but not a light beer either.  In any case I could put back a couple of them easily if they were there.  I would give this beer a 4.5+ out of 5.  I really don’t like giving 5 out of 5s.  I’m not sure what I think is missing, but I didn’t come away thinking this was the best beer I ever had, just an extremely good beer.  I’m definitely getting more from my co-op.  Have a great week.