Sunday Sips: Stone Coconut IPA

Hey everyone.  Sorry for the break in my Sunday Sips.  We’ve been out of town exploring Seattle and Portland.  And as much as that should have brought a bunch of great microbrews from the West Coast, surprisingly I didn’t have too many beers out there.  The ones that I did have I didn’t really want to blog about as most would have required a trip to the brewery itself.  I can say this, if you’re ever in Portland I had a great experience at Base Camp Brewing.  What a fun place.  Great atmosphere and great beer. Try the In-Tents IPA.

This week I’m reviewing a Coconut IPA by Stone Brewing.  I’m going to be brutally honest with you guys, that I got this beer review going, I was drinking it, and wasn’t terribly impressed, but then I looked at the bottle and realized I had just missed the best by date.  So I’m going to still bring forward the review, but I’m not going to be as harsh as I may have with it.
Coconut IPA
The pour was nice. I loved the unfiltered appearance of this IPA. It was a nice opaque straw color. It had a small amount of head, but what was there had a good milky white color. The lacing was fairly solid as well. The nose had some hints of apricot, and a bit of a citrusy hit. I didn’t get any coconut out of it though. As to the taste, there was a nice full bodied hop coming out, bitter, but not overly so. Again though I didn’t get the coconut or much of a tropical feel. I did get a bit of fruityness but more of something from a traditional stone fruit like an apricot or peach.  This beer had a lot of lacing which made sense given its somewhat high ABV of 7.7%.  The IBU rating was 90.  Definitely a bitter beer.  I really wanted to like it, and it wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t come through with anything that it promised.  I blame it on the best by date so I’ll give it a 2.5 and say that I need to come back and try it again.  Usually Stone doesn’t disappoint so I blame my distributor here in Cedar Rapids.  🙂

Have a great week everyone.


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