Highlights from Seattle

You know, I was trying to think of a way to share all of the fun things we did in Seattle without boring you to death with all of rambling! (I tend to do that sometimes! ;)) Pictures are fun, and everyone usually likes looking at pictures, so we’re just going to go that route. Okay? Okay!

Our first morning we managed to snag this awesome view! Amazing.

Dennis took us to THE BEST Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Organic, local, colorful and amazing!

Look at those colors!
Farmer's Market

Nickajack apples? You bet we did! And they were delicious!
nickajack apples

I mean, really. I have to show you the Mighty-o donuts pic again.
Vegan Mighty-O donuts

The gum wall at Pike Place Market was a definite must-see. Gross, but kinda cool. How does something like this even get started??
Gum wall

We HAD to visit the first Starbucks. Loved it. Super cozy and with a handwritten, chalk menu!
The first Starbucks!

First Starbucks menu

This nasty beast at the market. Ugh. And I mean the fish, not Nick. Ha!
Monkfish...and Nick

We took a ferry ride (my favorite!!) to Bainbridge Island. It was windy (as you can see), but it what a gorgeous day!
It was windy

Our last night we rode the Great Wheel of Seattle. It was dark, misty, and not at all busy, so we really got our money’s worth! Nick caught this shot on a walk one morning.
Great Wheel of Seattle

I surprised myself by loving Seattle. I can’t wait to go back! And not just for the donuts. Have you been to Seattle? Did you love it, too??


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