Sunday Sips: Hopside Down by Widmer Brothers Brewing

So I went on a hiatus for a week, truth be told I simply forgot about doing a post after having come back from Brazil.  And by the time I thought about it, I figured I may as well just wait until the following week, so here I am, back at it and ready to talk about beer.  You know, beer really is a universal drink and it just has the ability to make a person happy for enjoying it with some friends.  I finally found an IPA in Brazil from a small batch brewery down there too, and it was fantastic, no more watered down beer for me while visiting Brazil.  🙂  Check it out, the Colorado Indica IPA.  Brewed in Sao Paolo.
Colorado indica

This week I’m sampling Hopside Down IPA from Widmer Brothers Brewing.  This is the first beer that I’m sampling from a fun grab bag that the alcohol and spirits manager at my local Hy-Vee put together.  Basically he mixed and matched a 6 pack, with some of the bags having special beers or coupons hidden in them.  I know its a complete crap shoot, but I lucked out with Octoberfests and IPAs.  Really, it was my lucky day.
Hop side Down

The Hopside Down is a rotating IPA from Widmer that is brewed between April and September every year, so it may be somewhat difficult to find.  If you’re able to find it though, you should snag one.  I just had it and I don’t think the hops had really lost anything yet, unlike some of the Stone beers that I enjoy where, when its past the peak date, don’t even think about it.  I broke out my tulip glass and was ready to try this one out.  It poured really smooth, gave that lovely color of amber mixed with wheat.  Its very clear with hardly any particulates and gave a super frothy straight white head.  The lacing was well pronounced, this wasn’t a light beer that was going to be shoved to the back of the line.  The Hopside Down is 6.7% ABV with 50 IBUs.  The beer was marketed as a mix between an IPA and a lager, and it delivered.  It was nice and crisp but full of up front floral and slightly citrusy hops along with some malty tones in the nose.  At first it goes down super smooth, with a bit of back end bitter bite, but in a really good sense.  It had all the tastes that came along with the nose for a really well balanced drink.  I also had no idea that the ABV was 6.7% while drinking it, so I could have easily had this sneak up on me if I had multiple of them sitting in front of me.  Really good beer that I quite enjoyed.  I’m giving it a 4 out of 5.  I’m just disappointed its not available year round.  Try to find one and enjoy.