Sunday Sips: Overrated by Surly Brewing

Its been another week already. I can’t believe it the time is just FLYING by. Can you believe its only a month until Christmas Eve. That’s just plain nuts. As an adult the days just keep going by faster and faster. I recall as a kid how it would just slog by and it would seem like the days would never end. Oh well as an adult we get to partake in more fun drinks, so I guess I’ll take growing older. 😀

Last week I promised some Surly beers. This is going to be the first of my two Surly reviews. This week I sampled Overrated – Their west coast style IPA. Its a very in your face hoppy beer, but with balance, just perhaps not with the first drink :). Just like they promote on the can. I love this brewery in the fact that they’re not ashamed if everyone doesn’t like their beer or not. They just want to make a product that they love and they hope others love it as well. One of my favorite things is what they’ve put on the label… “Beer for a glass from a can”.


Seeing that they tout that its for a glass from a can, I figured I needed to have the first one in a glass. After all how could I share the color and rest of the visuals with you all if it was still in the can. So I found my best tulip glass and gave it a pour.


What came out was wonderful. It was an opaque caramel color with a good 2 fingers worth of head. It had an incredibly bright nose, spicy, citrusy and full of the promise of hops. Straight out of the can I was hit with the bitterness of the hops, but the good kind where you get that citrus taste, not the kind where I’m just left with the feeling that I ate the pith of a rotten grapefruit. It gave way to a bit of a woodsy taste. Just the right amount of carbonation dancing on the tongue. As the beer warmed up the malts and caramel flavors started poking out more. This beer isn’t for the light hearted. Its a 7.3% ABV with 69 IBUs. You’re going to know you drank something after you’re done. I was oh so happy that I did though. This was a very solid 4 out of 5. Closer to 4.5 out of 5. If you’re anywhere near Minnesota make sure you check out the beers from Surly.


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    1. I would certainly do so of I could. That’s both the great and frustrating thing about smaller brewers and distributors. New things to try everywhere you go.

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