Sunday Sips: Accumulation Ale by New Belgium Brewing

Blah winter!  But, winter can bring some good things around.  I do like seeing snow from time to time and I definitely enjoy Christmas.  The other thing that winter brings is winter ales.  This week we’ve got the Accumulation Ale by New Belgium brewing.  Its a white IPA that tickles the palate and warms the insides.  Hopefully you have a nice warm and comfortable place to read this review.  Onto the beer.


I don’t know that I’ve ever had a white IPA before so I was ready to see what this had to offer.  I grabbed my favorite glass and popped this open.  The first thing that I noticed was the golden color.  Somewhat similar to a kolsch, you know just a little bit of an unfiltered lager is what it looked like.  The nose of this promised some spices like nutmeg to go along with a bit of grassiness and a hint of orange.  That nose just gave such a great promise of big bold in your face hops.  As the beer touted its an accumulation of hops.  So if you like hops, you’re not going to be disappointed here.  Mouthfeel for this brew was really nice.  It wasn’t too heavy, but it also wasn’t as light as the color promised.  It was really quite pleasant, a lot of bold hops up front, spicy, tropical fruit, followed by bitterness and then rounded out with a hint of wheat to try to give it a bit of balance.  A really nice blend.  6.2% ABV with 70 IBUs.  This one is bitter and warming but not overly so.  It would be perfect for drinking on a day that you were stuck in the house and the snow was just piling up outside.  It would be fantastic sitting in front of a fire.  This will be a very solid beer with a 4 out of 5.  You won’t be very disappointed by this unless you hate hops.

Did you all enjoy Thanksgiving?  Find any special brews that you were thankful for?  Hope you’re all doing well out there, thank you ALL for joining us on this journey.