Sunday Sips: Potosi Snake Hollow IPA and other random musings.

Hey there everyone.  Its been a long while since I’ve posted a Sunday Sip.  You know sometimes you just need a break.  For whatever reason I was having this feeling that I was losing some of the enjoyment out of the beer by having to think about reviewing it all the time.  I know that shouldn’t really be the case, and I do get enjoyment out of hearing that you guys also enjoy the beers or want to give them a go, so I just need to remember that when I’m getting a bit down on it.  I also have to give Jodi some credit over at for encouraging me to get back on the horse as well.  If you haven’t checked out his blog before, I’d highly recommend it.  He posts some great recipes and he also does a weekly beer post on Wednesdays.  I certainly have a list of beers I want to try when I get out to the east coast.

Today I’m bringing you a beer by a little brewery by the Mississippi river in Wisconsin.  Its Potosi brewery and although I have yet to visit their brewery (which is a shame given the close proximity to where I live), they have not steered me wrong in the past.  This week its the snake hollow IPA.
Snake Hollow IPA

I’m seriously trying to get winter to go away, so using reverse psychology I’m not touching a summer beer. I just feel that would jinx it. This is a nice heavy beer that’s good for the winter, but it would be equally good in the summer. It packs 7% ABV and 70 IBUs. Its not for the faint at heart. I will tell you that it pairs wonderfully with some spicy vegan nachos. Its got a nice nose of pine, with that little bit of citrus that you’d expect from an IPA. It poured a lot darker amber than I would have expected, it was a nice pleasant color, but I was a little disappointed in the head. It was there and gone almost immediately. It does have a nice mouth feel and goes down with a bit of a taste of grapefruit and then an intense bitter ending. All in all, I’m rather pleased with this beer. Its certainly above average and I wasn’t in any danger of deciding that I didn’t want to finish it. When compared to big macro brew type beers its certainly superior. I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. It didn’t blow me away, but I wouldn’t hesitate to have it again.

Hopefully one of these days work will get a little bit less crazy and I can get back to doing some other blog posts to join Jackie as well. In case you didn’t notice, Jackie got a lovely shout out from Daiya for our Tater Tot Hot Dish earlier this week (How awesome is that?).  I also fried some stuff to perfection! Vegan comfort food at its finest.  Nobody ever said that vegan had to be healthy all the time.

Now if I could just get my brother to ship me some Mighty O donuts I’d be back in heaven.  Have a great week y’all.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: Potosi Snake Hollow IPA and other random musings.

  1. When work gets crazy, it’s always best for me to focus on downtime outside of work first, and blog when I’m feeling it! Glad to see a review and get a little update!

  2. Glad to see you getting back to blogging, although I am a little jealous of a beer like this. I’m goign to do a whole chunk of time on pale ales (maybe 6 weeks?) and I’d love to get my hands on this too. Congrats to Jackie on the shout-out from Daiya, and thanks for the love!

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