Sunday Sips: Spring Blonde Ale by New Belgium Brewing

Ah, spring is in the air… Oh wait, its not.  Portland and Seattle are both getting snow effectively shutting down the cities, the east coast is having ice and snow storms and here in the midwest I have two words to describe the weather… freaking COLD.  I’m ready to move.  This winter has been one for the ages, its just been awful.  There is no break in any of the cold streaks.  I think that’s what’s made it so bad.  Well I’m going to keep trying to drink some different beers to bring on spring.  So this week I’ve got a Spring Blonde Ale by New Belgium.  This is one of those light cheery crisp beers that just makes you happy.  It brought a little bit of sunshine to our dreary days.
Spring Blonde

I can’t say that it was a beauty on the eyes. It was a straw colored golden beer. It almost bordered on looking like a cider. Definitely a filtered ale, there wasn’t any sense of things floating in this beer. I was disappointed by the head on this. It was nonexistent. But I pushed on. The nose was a bit like lemon, and a good sense of some breadiness to it. It has a really crisp mouthfeel, sweet, but not overly so it finished with a nice bit of bitterness to round things out. It had some definite notes of maltiness, but much more subtle malts that you’d find in Europe. Then the end was that bit of citrusy hops. I really enjoyed the beer, I’d give it a solid 3.5 out of 5. It would have got higher if it would have been more visually appealing. I could always blame this on the bottle perhaps having sat for awhile. In any case, don’t disparage, find this beer, crack it open and think of those lovely spring days.