Taste Test Tuesday: Beyond Meat Fiesty Beef-Free Crumbles

Nick and I had grand plans to spend this last Saturday in Des Moines. We really wanted to make a Whole Foods run, but we had planned to spend the day doing some shopping, eating some great food and just enjoying a day out and about and away from home. But, as it was, Mother Nature had another idea. It was supposed to be just enough snow, wind and cold that made us think twice. Nick, however, got off work relatively early (for him) on Friday afternoon, so we enjoyed Plan B. Nick, Lil Sis and I piled into the car and took off. We had a tasty dinner from the Whole Foods salad bar before getting serious and doing some grocery shopping. The reason we went was to buy a case of their organic unsweetened almond milk. IT IS THE BOMB. (plus! case discount!) Anywho, the REAL reason??


Beyond Meat Fiesty Beefy Crumbles!

Now, let me tell you. I have been dreaming of these babies since I first saw them on Instagram. I knew that I had to have them and that my life would be forever changed. Their chicken?! I mean, hello! AWESOMENESS. So there was no chance that these were going to suck. And they certainly did not. These babies are a game changer. Vegan, soy-free and gluten free?! LOVE it. We snagged a few bags (we went light on the first trip because we’ll have another chance to grab more (which we will) in a few weeks) and tried them out for lunch on Saturday. We tried the “fiesty” flavor in tacos. Not only does it look like beef, but the mouth feel is exactly what I remember. I sauteed them up in a little olive oil until they were heated through and a little browned.

Beyond Meat Fiesty Beefy Crumbles!
(straight from the bag to the pan)

We wrapped them up with some refried beans, tomato and avocado.

Beyond Meat Fiesty Beefy Crumbles!

LIFE CHANGED. These babies are the real deal. Now, I’ll be honest and say we haven’t ripped into the “beefy” bag of crumbles yet, but I’m fairly positive their just as amazing. Nick and I already cooking up all kinds of awesome ideas to use these bad boys! And we can’t wait to share with you.

So. RUN (do NOT walk) and get yourself some. You’ll be so happy you did.


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