Sunday Sips: Frostline Rye by Summit Brewing

Hey guys, thanks for all of you faithful followers who are sticking with us and in particular me and my non constant posts.  Its been kind of nice getting back into the swing of things.  I think having new computing resources definitely plays into that.  Well there is always the fact that I finished off all the old beer that was hanging out in my fridge.  There is always something exciting about being able to go and find some new brews and wanting to get right to trying them.  Its just easier for me to do when I don’t have a bunch of old beer that could be going bad.

While we were in St. Paul a couple of weeks back we visited Summit Brewing company.  I was really impressed with the operation that they had going.  We sampled some really good beer, but they also talked about their seasonal from this year.  I could have tried it on location, but Jackie and I had plans on going to get some Surly and French fries at the Depot downtown.  So I just said I’d look for it when I got home and have a bottle here.  Well that was a wise decision, because it did not disappoint.

I’ve reviewed some Summit beers on here before, after hearing a little more about their company I really can’t express how much I’d like to see more people give them a try.  They’re a craft beer brewery that is really striving to break into the big boy’s market.  They have a quality product that should be able to do that.
Frost line Rye

This is the seasonal that I was touting earlier. The Frost Line Rye. A beer that could withstand the winter, giving a nice warming bite with plenty of hops to make it very much like an IPA. The lighting in our kitchen that I often complain about at night, really doesn’t do the color of this beer justice. It was simply amazing. It was such a deep copper, and the head was a nice ivory white with a finger or two in width. The beer itself is 5.8% ABV which lends itself to being just a bit heavier than a session beer, but really not heavy at all. Its got 55 IBUs which puts plenty of hoppy bitterness to mellow out the malts. As far as tastes go, its somewhat hard for me to explain. I really enjoyed it, a very spicy note to start, definitely the rye coming forward, then followed by some breadiness and finishing with dry hops to have some bitter round out that sweet and spicy front note. It’s well balanced, and it really is a great transitional beer that fills in the gap between their winter ale and spring maibock. You cannot go wrong with picking this one up in late spring if you find it. A solid 4 out of 5. I won’t hesitate to grab some more if I see it.

This paired really nicely with a veggie burger and some bourbon carrots. I think it would be fantastic with a casserole. I say bring on spring. What are you all most looking forward to with spring on the way?