Failures, mishaps and spring!

How have y’all been? It’s been pretty good around these parts. Nick and I went to see “Divergent” last week and it was great! I had never read the books (Nick has, and he told me I wouldn’t like them – I trust him!), but I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the movie. It definitely kept me interested! Now I’m excited to see the next 2 movies.

I’ve been working on some recipes but I have had some real stinkers this past week. I tried 4 new recipes and they were all BIG FAT FAILURES. Do you ever have weeks like that? I mean, NOTHING was going the way I wanted! Flavors were off, textures were weird and some just never worked. UGH. I needed to take a bit of a break because it was kind of making me doubt myself a little, haha!

That being said, Nick and I have got some recipes in the hopper that I hope end up blowing us away and ones we can share with you!

Oh! And the past few days? Have totally felt like spring here in the Midwest. WAHOO! It’s so wonderful having the windows open and our daffodils out front have bloomed. Welcome, spring!!

Anything fun going on with you?


2 thoughts on “Failures, mishaps and spring!

  1. The simple fact that you are willing to admit your cooking fails is awesome. Either way, I can’t imagine that Nick was heartbroken over the new attempts that I’m sure you made him try. I know I love when the Blonde makes baked goods for the first time. . .

  2. Ha! He’s my favorite critic! He actually quite enjoyed the “scones” I attempted – even though they were more like really flat, cake-y cookies. Even if something is awful, he always has something nice to say. What a guy!

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