Sunday Sips: A Quadruple helping of beers

Its been awhile, so what better way to get back into it then to bring an extra large helping of beers to tell you all about.  This is courtesy of a fine watering hole that we have here in Cedar Rapids called Parlor City.
Sampler platter
A couple of weeks ago we were out with some friends to see To Kill A Mockingbird performed at our local theater. (really well done by the way, but no longer running.) We were trying to figure out where to go afterwards and we decided on this place, mostly because I knew they had one of my favorites on tap. It was time for me to get some Pseudo Sue from Toppling Goliath. But do you ever have one of those moments when you walk into a place with like 100 beers on tap and then you can’t make a decision. This was one of those moments. And then like an epiphany I saw that they had make your own beer flites. This was amazeballs, I could have my favorite and try three more. (I also got to make a flite for a buddy of mine while there too. Great times.) So going from right to left, darkest to lightest, we had Evil Twin’s Yin, Evil Twin’s Yang, Stone’s Go To IPA and finally the Pseudo Sue.

The Yin is an American Imperial/Double Stout, rather heavy at 10% ABV. This was a really nice full bodied stout, it definitely packed a punch with that 10% alcohol, I could feel it right away. It had a really nice mouth feel, a bit of a creaminess. It was also better rounded then some stouts, they put some hops in here to round it out a bit and take away from some of the sweetness. I’d give the Yin a 4.5 out of 5 Stars. I really enjoyed it. Then came the Yang which was a 10% ABV Double IPA. Man, this one was an in your face brew that just hit you upside the head with bitter hops. Not in a bad way mind you, but I was sipping this guy. There was no way I was downing this as a session beer. On its own I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t quite as good as the stout, but it was still a darn fine beer. The best part of these two came about when you did the obvious and made Evil Twin’s version of a black and tan. Holy cow, this came out as black IPA, and it was delicious. The two flavors just balanced each other perfectly. It was like a party going on. One that would leave my opinion of the Stone IPA slightly skewed I’m sure.

The Stone IPA was much more of a light weight in terms of alcohol. It was 4.5%, with 65 IBUs. This was meant to be a sessionable IPA. It looked really great to the eyes even if it was really clear. They filtered it for sure. The thing I remember the most is some pine mixed in with grapefruit in the nose. The mouthfeel was good, but as far as taste is concerned, this just wasn’t working for me. It was ALL bitterness, no rounding of flavors as far as I was concerned. I figure its alright, I like plenty of the rest of their beers, but this one just won’t go into my rotation. It gets 2 out 5 stars for me. I say stick to their other more fully bodied IPAs.

As for the Pseudo Sue, I’ve raved about that in the past. You can find that review back here.

Anyone else out there just get blown away when you can mix and match smaller versions of beers at a bar and create your own beer tasting menu?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sips: A Quadruple helping of beers

  1. Wow, you didn’t really like the GoTo IPA? I’m a fan, I have to admit. Although i can image that having it third of that four skewed your opinion ever so slightly. . . It’s not better than Founder’s All Day IPA, but it’s better than a 2. You may have to revisit it. It’s like their light beer version of Ruination, I think.

    OH, Happy B-Day, also!

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