Earth Balance Unicorns have been found!

While living in the Midwest has it’s advantages, there are also quite a few disadvantages. Especially of the vegan variety! We’re about 6+ months behind the coasts for new products, it seems. As a lover of Instagram, I’m constantly seeing new products and I’m so jealous that I can never find what everyone else seems to be enjoying!

While driving to visit our friends near Charlotte, NC a few weeks ago, Nick and I took a pit stop in Asheville, NC. Apparently Asheville is a very vegan-friendly city and we didn’t even know it! We found a great market, Greenlife Grocery, (which is apparently owned by Whole Foods) where we had lunch and looked for products we can’t find around here.

And guess what? WE FOUND SOME.

Earth Balance goodies!!


I’m telling you, we could NOT contain our excitement. I’m pretty sure we scared a few people around us! While there was only one box of the cheddar squares left (with good reason – those things are KILLER!) we were able to snag up a bag of cheddar and a bag of sour cream and onion kettle chips. I much prefer the sour cream and onion flavor just because I used to love that flavor in my pre-vegan days. The cheddar are good, but just not my favorite. My Lil Sis loved them (she’s gluten free so she couldn’t try the crackers. So sad.) and Nick really liked them, so I’m pretty sure they’re loved by most! We liked these chips so much that we stopped on our way home to grab a few more bags! They were out of the crackers when we were there the second time, but we managed to find a couple more boxes of those in a Whole Foods in Lexington, KY of all places!

Have you tried the new Earth Balance Kettle Chips or Cheddar Squares yet??


2 thoughts on “Earth Balance Unicorns have been found!

    1. Keep looking! Sometimes you find them in the post unlikely of places! Just like we did. KY?! I mean…we didn’t expect that one! 😉

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