High Five for Friday

Whoa. It’s Friday again! This week flew by! I hope you’ve had an awesome week.

Here are my top 5 things for the week:

1. As mentioned on Tuesday, we finally got our hands on the Gardein Fish Fillets. YUM!
Earth Balance mac & cheese with gardein Fish Fillets

2. We finally got everything together for a production we’re doing for Acts of Worship. It feels great! I’m very detail-oriented, so it makes me REALLY happy.

3. I got my hair done on Tuesday. It feels SO great to have a fresh cut and color. (excuse the goofy selfie! ;))
New hair

4. We got two new cookbooks this week. I can’t wait to make ALL THE THINGS!
New cookbooks!

5. While wandering around Target with Lil Sis yesterday we spotted these hilarious pants that my “niece” would LOVE. In fact, I texted her mom a pic – my “niece” LOVED them (as predicted) and her mom? Not so much. I’m so tempted to get them for her for her birthday! They’re so awful, but hilarious!
Cat pants

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How was your week? Any great plans for the weekend?


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