Introducing Olive!

Nick and I were puppy parents for 6 1/2 years and we were both heartbroken when we lost Basil in October. We knew that some day we’d get another dog, but we weren’t sure what kind or from where. We did know that we wanted to adopt this time around and we started checking our local animal rescues about a month ago. We went a few weeks ago to check on a little girl dachshund, but she’d already been adopted. While in MN last week, Nick showed me a picture of a sweet little girl and were sure she’d be snatched up in no time. Friday morning we started off the day with a couple massage (heaven on earth, friends) and decided to drive over to our local humane society “just to look”.

Instead, we adopted this sweet girl. We were so surprised she was still there! She was obviously waiting for us. 😉

She was a transfer from Louisiana (they found her in a crate in a closet – how sad is that?!) and she stole our hearts. Their best guess is that she’s about 12 weeks old. We’re not quite sure what she is, or how big she’ll get, but we think she’s some kind of hound/terrier mix. She had just had her surgery last Tuesday so we weren’t sure when she’d be able to come home. We came home for lunch and got the call in the afternoon that she was ready to come home! She was a super champ in the car and fell asleep on my lap. We stopped to get her a few supplies and then brought her to her new home to explore.


She is settling in VERY well! She is such a sweetie. She’s a snuggle bug and LOVES to play. We had to leave her the night we got her for a few hours and we were a little anxious because we didn’t know how she’d react. She did great! She only cried a little bit the first night, but quieted down pretty quickly. She’s house training like a CHAMP and even I’m a little surprised! Basil was VERY difficult to house train, and so I was excepting the same – only a bit worse as we didn’t know much about her background – but she is doing great. Only a few accidents in the house the first 2 days and nothing yesterday or today. We are so impressed with how quickly she’s catching on to our commands. She’s a smart girl.


We signed her up for puppy classes and start in 2 weeks. We’re headed to the vet on Wednesday for a wellness check and her stitches should come out in about a week. We haven’t been able to play too much, or take her for walks, but we’re anxious for next week after her stitches come out so we can start doing those things!

We can’t wait to share the many adventures of Olive with you!




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