High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Today is a great day as Nick and I are headed to Chicago for the weekend!! I hope you’ve all had a great week and have lots of fun things planned for the weekend!

Here are my top five for the week:

1. Nick and I don’t do sweets throughout the week, so I like to go all out on the weekends, haha! Last weekend I made these awesome sprinkle cookies. YUM.
Sprinkle cookies

2. Nick and I went golfing Sunday afternoon. Well, he golfed and I walked along. We ended up catching up with a nice, older guy who was fun to meet. Nick looked like a true pro. 😉
Golf pro

3. Sweet, little Olive has to wear the inter tube of shame because she can’t leave a patch of her skin alone. (she had a staph dermatitis infection and she just kept messing with it) Monday afternoon she and I went to meet Nick for lunch. Olive was so tired out after our time at the park!
So sleepy

Those ears

5. We’re headed to see Rend Collective in concert tonight! We’re so excited!

Have a great weekend!

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