High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I thought yesterday was Friday and then I panicked because I remembered I didn’t have my post ready! Glad I had extra time. It’s starting to feel a bit like winter around here and I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Regardless, I did manage to have a great week!

1. We survived Halloween! We ended up buying a giant pumpkin and filling it with all kinds of vegan candy and left a sign letting kids grab a few and go. Olive did pretty good – she was a little freaked out for awhile, but we managed to distract her in the office and then everything was good! We also got rid of almost all of the candy, so that was an extra bonus!

Red cups are back!

3. Nick made a breakfast for dinner on Sunday night and it was DELICIOUS! A pumpkin sage biscuit with “eggy” tofu, seitan bacon, and potato hash. YUM.
Breakfast for dinner

4. One bonus about the cold, is that Olive loves to snuggle. So sweet!
Puppy burrito

5. My Eat Pastry order arrived. I can’t wait to try these!
Eat Pastry mixes!

Have a great weekend! We’re planning to try and stay warm, haha!

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