Taste Test Tuesday: EatPastry Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix (vegan-friendly)

I love EatPastry cookie dough. It never makes it the oven in our house! That, my friends, is one of THE biggest vegan perks. Raw cookie dough with no threat of salmonella! The peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough from EatPastry is by far our favorite flavor. It’s perfect to have in the fridge for those “I have to have something sweet and I have to have it now moments”. It’s hard to find around these parts, but every once and awhile we find it and snag a few for the fridge.

When I found out that they were making baking mixes that were gluten free and vegan-friendly, I was VERY intrigued. I like to eat gluten free when I can – not because I feel like I need to – but it’s nice to have options for myself and my sister (who is a diagnosed celiac) to share! My sister and I share a deep love for cupcakes, so I knew I had to snag a few mixes to try. I ordered the gluten free chocolate cake mix and the gluten free muffin mix.

The mix is just enough for 6 cupcakes, a 6-inch cake, or brownies. I love that it’s a smaller size because with just 2 (or 3 including my sis!) people, we don’t need a giant cake sitting around calling our name! I decided to make cupcakes because I didn’t have a cake pan small enough for the cake.

Cupcake time

All you do is add the mix with 1/4 cup of non-dairy milk and 1/8 cup of oil. I used unsweetened, plain almond milk and melted coconut oil. Warning: there is garbanzo bean flour in the mix, so I wouldn’t suggest licking the spoon. Too bean-y for me, haha!

I chose to frost them with this peanut butter frosting because PEANUT BUTTER.

EatPastry cupcakes

The verdict? Pretty darn tasty. They are moist, chocolate-y and not super dense like a lot of gluten free cupcakes tend to be. They’re smidge crumbly, but not bad. They have a tiny hint of that “gluten free” flavor, but again, it’s nothing to complain about. Nick thought they were great and so did I! I would definitely make these again. I made the traditional recipe with the first mix, but I’d love to play around with different ideas in the future.

Two thumbs up! Keep up the good work, EatPastry!


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