High Five for Friday

This week has brought cold, wind and snow. GROSS. And while I am usually the “no Christmas until after Thanksgiving” girl, but you know what? I LISTENED TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC. And I liked it. While I admit to the Christmas music, I still stand firm on my hating the cold and snow.

Here are my top 5 for this week:

1. We had a meeting on Sunday morning for an upcoming marriage event we’re on the leadership team for. I made mini donuts from the new Fork & Beans cookbook. DELISH! They were a hit!
Mini Dounuts (v/gf)

2. Nick captured one of my favorite pictures EVER the other day. This pic of Olive is awesome. THOSE TEETH. (excuse part of my giant head)
Those TEETH.

3. Speaking of Olive, we had to buy her a new bed because she’s growing like a weed, that one. I think she likes what we chose for her. 😉
The sweetest.

4. I love this shot that I got on Veteran’s Day. So thankful for all of their sacrifices!
Happy Veteran's Day

5. I caught up with a great friend for lunch yesterday. We’ve both been so busy lately, and so it was SO great to chat, laugh and share life together. Love her!

Big plans this weekend? Olive starts Intermediate training classes on Saturday. She’ll be so excited to see her trainer again. She loves him. 🙂

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