High Five for Friday

Wow, guys. It’s been crazy around here! 2 weeks ago the week completely got away from me and I didn’t even realize it was Friday until about 8:00 that night and I immediately thought, “Oh, no! I forgot to do a post this week!” And last week was Thanksgiving, and so I didn’t HAVE to worry about what day it was! 😉

Nick and I are in charge of tech and stage managing, respectively, for a show at our church this week with our acting group, Acts of Worship. We’ve had a really long week this week so far with ironing out details, getting the actors ready, and preparing for the unexpected! Last night was the first show, and we’re excited and praying God does amazing things and brings everyone LOTS of laughter with the next two performances!

Here are my top 5 for the week:

1. So this is technically from last Thursday, but we opted to skip the traditional fixings for Thanksgiving, and we made Green Bean Casserole Pizza from Bake & Destroy‘s cookbook. YUM.
Green Bean Pizza

2. Nick and I had ZERO plans for Black Friday, so we started our day with Starbucks Copycat Scones. Delish.
Starbucks copycat scones

3. For lunch on Friday, we used up the rest of our Chipotle gift card to share some SOFRITAS (!! finally in Iowa!!) tacos. So, so good.
Sofritas! In Iowa! Finally!

4. We went for to a matinee at our local “cheap seats” theater to see “The Maze Runner”. I didn’t read the books like Nick did, but we were both excited to see it. I surprised myself by liking it, but I was a little mad with the ending.

5. We got our first batch of cookies from the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!! They were so chewy and tasty.
Biscotti Cookies! (#fbcookieswap)

Have a fabulous weekend! What are your plans?

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3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. That’s cool that the sofritas have finally made it to Iowa! I’ve only been to Chipotle once I think, but it’s nice to have options if we end up there at some point. And it’s good to know that you liked it! Bonus!

    Hey, have you gone to the new Fresh Market in Cedar Rapids? I’m wondering if it’s worth making the trip there to check it out.

    1. You know, I like Fresh Market for a few random gourmet items, but as far as vegan items go, they are pretty lacking. The only thing we found that was new and exciting was the PSL from Califia and their new Barista Blend almond milk. Other than that, it’s pretty sparse – nothing that you can’t find at the co-op, Hy-Vee or Target.

      1. Oh, too bad! I went to a Fresh Market in Los Angeles several years ago, and it was nothing special. However, I was hoping now that they’re expanding that their options might have improved. Thanks for saving me a trip! 🙂

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