The Abundance Diet

Nick and I have been following Somer McCowan’s blog, Vedged Out, pretty much since we switched to a plant-based diet. Her food is tasty, easy to prepare, and full of all kinds of great ingredients. When we found out she was going to have a cookbook, “The Abundance Diet”, we were super excited!

The Abundance Diet

We finally remembered to order it last week (you know moving, having family here and all for a visit – it kind of took up all of my mental space!), and I read it pretty much cover to cover the second that it arrived! (and then I immediately ordered another one and sent it to my sister who was as equally excited!) All of the recipes are vegan, gluten free, non-processed, and refined sugar free. It includes weekly meal plans (including shopping lists!) that include breakfast, soup, salad, snack, and main course. You have smoothies for breakfast throughout the week, and “fancy” breakfasts (and desserts!!) on the weekends.

We just had my sister and her boyfriend here for a week and we had so much fun showing them around the DC area! We ate loads of yummy things and indulged a wee bit more than we usually do. This book came at the perfect time! It’s a 28 day plan, so Nick and I were excited to give the entire thing a go! We had to stock up on a few things we didn’t have, or had run out of, and get LOADS of fresh produce. Most things you’ll eat 3 times throughout the week, and since Nick needs to take a lunch everyday to work, we did lots and lots of prep work yesterday to get things ready for the week. I made some cashew cream, cashew sour cream, 2 salad dressings, falafel, quinoa minestrone, and Somer’s famous vegan moxarella. Since I’m able to be home during the day, I’ll be able to get things ready and prepared for the next day so Nick is always set to go at work.

I’m really excited to do this. Usually I get a little worked up when I see the word “diet”, but this one is more of a little boost to remind you (me) to eat more whole foods, and foods that are good for me. The thing I’m most anxious about is cutting out sugar – let’s be serious – this girl LOVES her sweets. But I’m up for a challenge.

Our plan to blog along the way to share our experiences. Here’s to day 1!